viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

I have a heart I swear I do, But just not baby when it comes to you...

I Live In Wonderland
I want to be a thief.
I'd steal everyone's body parts and sell them on the black market.
I want to conquer the world, and be known like Alexander the Great.
I want to prove Albert Einstein wrong.
I want to take a single eyelash from every person in the world, and then build a house out of them.
I want to get a pirate and a ninja and stick them in a cage.
I want to skin a person and put it on someone else.
I want to start a war between the sane and insane... even though I already know who'd win.
I want to be cryogenically frozen for 20 years.
I want to pull someones eye out and put it in a jar and see if it still moves. I want to burn my hand on a small piece of a star.
I want to murder someone and then cut all of their toes off, so then I can see where the doctors put the toe tag.
I want to turn a homeless man into a multi-millionaire.
I want to create an underground walkway system that only leads to the places I want to go.
I want to go to the moon naked, to watch myself explode.
I want to be abducted by aliens, and then return to Earth as a crazy lunatic.
I want a body part named after me.

And according to chopstickdick, I am the Madest of the Mad Bitches

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